About Parastoo

Ever since I was a child, I was always following my five older siblings, like a backpack. Since my father was a train driver and all of my family were into traveling, I also became interested in traveling. As the youngest child, I always had the chance to travel a lot. In summers and new year’s holidays, I was always traveling in different provinces of Iran. One time with my older sister, one time with an older brother and so on. Now I almost visited every province in Iran. 

family photo
I’m the youngest 🙂

How I started to act like a geek!

I was also following my brother who was and is a geek and for the first time introduced us to the magical computer. We were one of the first families in our neighborhood who had a computer. He always allowed us to work with the computer when he was at work. I started learning to work with this machine and after a while, I got really good at it. When my brother bought a new computer the previous one was inherited to us. So that’s how I got interested in computers and after that to the internet and the digital world.

Phone addict even while traveling 🙂

How I learned English

 My brother was also really good at English and my mother says he always put you in bed with Michael Jacksons’ songs. I think that’s when I started to like English. I didn’t have any other choice. I needed to understand the lullaby. When I was pursuing a bachelor’s degree, I studied English_Farsi translation and as a result, I got more familiar with other cultures and countries. 

How tourism changed my philosophy of life

For my master’s degree because of my passion for traveling, I followed tourism management. As I entered the tourism world, I found out more about the businesses in this area, and since I was interested in the digital world as well as travel and tourism, I was more interested in digital tourism businesses. I even did my thesis on TripAdvisor. Another interesting thing I came across was the CouchSurfing site that changed my attitude about travel altogether. I started traveling also outside of Iran, I visited some countries and hosted tens of people from other countries and continents to our home.

Traveling with friends from Hong Kong and Slovenia
Traveling with friends from Hong Kong and Slovenia

How I end up blogging

After my graduation, I worked in some tech companies and startups and even tried to have my own tourism startup with my friends. Meanwhile, we were moving to a new country because of my husband’s job and I couldn’t continue with our team and I decided to follow my dream to be a blogger and started writing this blog. I hope with this blog I can get familiar with new cultures and languages and widen my philosophy of life. Now here I am, trying to write all my journey through life and the things I learned from different people. Next people can be you, don’t hesitate to share your experiences with me. 🙂

Why like a swallow?

My name is Parastoo which in Farsi means swallow. Of course not as a verb, but as a bird. 🙂 I like my name because I was born on the 21st of March at the beginning of spring my family named me Parastoo. I like the characteristics of swallows. They most of the time fly and migrate to a better place. It is also said that the female and male swallows look like each other and I like that kind of attitude.

swallow the bird
Photo by Alireza Goodarzi