How not to kill your family while in quarantine?

Come on! I prefer to die with corona than to stay with my family 24/7! I wanted to kill my family even before quarantine days!

That’s what most of us say during these difficult times. We cannot see our friends, we cannot get lost in nature and go to our caves while we are seeing our family members every second!

 It was the same for my husband and I. The first few days we were thinking it’s going to finish soon and we were not doing any changes in our lifestyle. After one week, we started to nag each other. It was difficult for me because I was working at home even before the quarantine, and in my mind, my husband being home felt like having an invader in our home. 

I couldn’t listen to music or podcasts without wearing headphones, I could not make breakfast whenever I wanted. I could not even lie on the couch and do nothing. On one hand, we were sharing the home spaces and we did not have the freedom we had before, and on the other hand, I was feeling because my husband is home, I should spend all my time with him. 

Besides all of that, as we cannot order food outside, our home chores and tasks increased insanely. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the things I was doing at home.

How to decrease your family stress while in quarantine?

When we found out that this corona situation might last for longer days, we decided to change our lifestyle to avoid killing each other in the next few days:

  • We made a home office and made small changes in the decoration
  • We gave more privacy to each other
    • Flexible and separate sleeping and wake uptime
    • No pressure to eat together
    • No pressure to have the same hobbies all the time
  • We talked more about our feelings and what we need
  • We shared home chores 
  • We decreased the time we spend on reading stressful news 

Alongside giving space to each other, we also tried to spend more quality time together. We talked about our emotions, feelings, and tried to reunite again. It was a good time to know each other more. Don’t expect a lot from each other during these days, it’s okay to feel stressed. Give yourself and your family time to process the situation and listen to your partner and your family members’ needs and feelings.

what strategies do you use to stay in peace with your family members?