Quarantine life without CouchSurfing

Social distancing! What a scary thing. I have been in quarantine for more than two months now. I respect it and I stay home because I want to flatten the curve and kill the novel coronavirus. Why? Because I miss Couchsurfing.

I miss the great people and experiences I had. Now I text my friends every now and then and ask them “How’s life without Couchsurfing?”. They miss CouchSurfing too, and we were thinking of making an online event.

But No!

It’s not the same as meeting people in person. How can I drink coffee with them through the internet? Can I cook with them? Can I hug them? Can I dance with them? No! I’m not buying it!

There’s plenty of time in quarantine, that’s why I started to review my CS friends’ memories which make up more than half of my friends now. I remembered how Couchsurfing changed my life during these years. Now  I have friends from all around the world thanks to CS and I started to freak out about what will happen. I won’t be able to use it again! 

I am an ex-pat in Istanbul and from the first day we moved here I haven’t felt lonely and did not suffer from being far from my family and friends back in Iran. I found so many nice and friendly people from CouchSurfing who helped me when we moved to turkey one year ago.

couchsurfing friends

I hosted Emre from Istanbul back in Tehran, and the day we came to Istanbul he hosted us warmly for a week and helped us to find an apartment, and welcomed us to the new culture. He was with us in the most stressful times of our moving process.  

couchsurfing friends

I met Mohammad from Iraq who is also an ex-pat and was always around when I needed someone to nag about life. He was my sports body and accompanied me to organize a running event on CS.  

couchsurfing friends

I met Ali from Istanbul and he helped me to learn Turkish. He and I made Couchsurfing events and made new awesome friends. He also encouraged me to write more about my experiences and my travels.

couchsurfing friends

I met Mehmet and he introduced me to lots of great places to eat Turkish food.

I met Fetih and he told me about hidden gems of Turkey and I dreamed about traveling to the eastern border of Turkey by train in winter.

Yes, these people and so many others gave color to my life in the past six years. 

That’s life

That’s what all the people say

You’re riding high in April

You’re shot down in May

I know I’m gonna change that tune

When I’m back on top in June

Frank Sinatra

Sorry I got distracted with the music it was playing. Perfect timing! It came out just when I was writing this article!

Anyway, will we get back to normal? Can we host other people in our homes without fear of getting sick? Can I share a meal with a stranger who will turn to a friend? 

Until then let’s stay safe and keep in touch with friends in these difficult times.