Travel memoirs in Russia (Day 5/14: Peterhof)

The morning after the wedding

I came to Russia for Diego’s wedding in Saint Peters-burg and I wrote about the wedding day here. After the wedding when I woke up in the morning, I could not find my phone and the truth is I feel paralyzed without my phone. Fortunately, Luba was home and told me I left my phone in the wedding hall, and the bride, Elena had my phone. Luba said that the bride and groom want to go to Peterhof with their family and friends and if I want to join them I should meet them at the metro station in an hour.

I didn’t have much time, so I got ready quickly and Luba took me to the metro and I went to the meeting point.

Finland Gulf in petergof island
Finland Gulf

Visiting Petergof with newlyweds

I went to the subway station and saw no one, waited a few minutes and a girl came to say hello to me, I couldn’t remember her face but fortunately, she remembered me at the wedding. We waited together, and after ten minutes the rest appeared. We all boarded a minibus that took us directly to Peterhof. It was about an hour’s drive.

Petergof map which is near gulf of finland
Petergof on the map

Peterhof/Petergof consists of a series of palaces and gardens in Saint Petersburg. There was a huge park with a museum in and a palace inside. Since it was the weekend, it was full of people. There was a show with the fountains in the park and our Russian friends told us to hurry up for getting the ticket and going inside so we don’t miss the show.

Fountain show in peterhof island park
Fountain Show

simple fountain show

We finally went to the huge fountains. I expected the show to have a combination of light and muted sound with the rhythms of the fountains. A piece of epic Russian music began slowly and a series of fountains sprayed water and then some other fountain. After a few minutes, the song was over and I was waiting for the show to start, but that was it, it was the whole show! After seeing so many people near the fountain and difficulty in finding a good place to see the show, it was not expected to be that simple. I expected the fountains to be in tune with the music and to have light at least like some parks in Iran which are more fun with dance music and free of charge. One of our friends said in the past it was more fun.

Our picture in Peterhof Island in saint petersburg
Enjoying the sun after the wedding

Meeting new people is always fun

We continued walking in the park, and it was really a pretty park. There I talked more with Diego’s sister. At the wedding, because she was a family member, we didn’t have much time to talk. Her sister’s name was Bellen, she was a lawyer, and her education was just over and she was working on the final stage of her thesis.

Bellen decided to travel the world like her brother She was in the middle of her trip to Europe and came to his brother’s wedding from Europe. I asked her about her itinerary, she wanted to visit Turkey, but Iran was not on her list. So I asked her why she doesn’t want to come to Iran while her brother really liked Iran. Actually, she never thought about visiting Iran and me telling her about Iran and how I could help her with her trip, she considered that. long story short, she texted me two weeks later and told me she decided to come to Iran. I will tell about her trip to Iran later.

our picture in Peterhof island in saint peters-burg
From Russia, Chile, and Iran

On the way back to the city

Some people visited the palace and some don’t. I was in the second group of course because I am not a fan of historic places and museums. We waited near the Gulf of Finland and enjoyed the view. It was so clean and calm. After that, we had two ways to get back, one with the same minibusses we came with and the other was the ferry. I decided to go with ferry with Diego, Bellen, and their mother and two other friends(Olga and Felipe).

We arrived in St. Petersburg and Diego, who loves Georgian food, suggested that we go to a famous Georgian restaurant. Russian food is very popular in Russia and can be found everywhere.

Chilean girl who lives in Hungary

After lunch, everyone was going to have a rest and I didn’t like going home and called Danny (Diego’s friend from Chile) and we went to a café downstairs of her hostel and sat down and chatted a lot. We talked about Iran, Chile, Hungary and our lives. Danny was learning Hungarian because he was living in Hungary with his boyfriend. She didn’t quite like it there. We talked about the differences between Chilean and Russian culture with Mila and Danny on the first day of my trip to Saint Petersburg.

People in Budapest are not very social like Chile. Everyone is doing their own job and don’t interact a lot. It is like a country for old people. Chile is lively and there is so many fun things happening there.

Danny talking about her living experience in Hungary
Me and Danny in a cafe under her hostel
Hanging out with Danny

While we were in the cafe, Diego texted us and invited us to their home. We walked there and hang out with the newlyweds and their friends. The weird thing that night was me talking about not believing in love. Maybe it wasn’t a good time to discuss something like this after a wedding party. 🙂

Hanging out in a bar in Saint petersburg

How I ended up in Olga’s hostel

After a while we went out for a drink, we looked for a place for karaoke but end up in a cafe. We hung out a little bit, as it was late we couldn’t stay longer. I lost the time and forget that almost every bridge in Saint Petersburg go up at night, and getting back to Luba’s home was very difficult and expensive for me. Olga wanted to take a taxi and we taught our places are close, when we got to her hostel, I checked the map again and find out it takes a long time to go back to Luba’s home.

Finally, we decided that I stay at Olga’s hostel and she kindly invited me in. She had a small room and if that was okay with her. In short, we said goodbye to the taxi driver, and I texted Luba that I wouldn’t go at night. I experienced another unplanned situation which usually ends up really fun. As we were very tired we slept early. It was a long and cool day though.