Saint Petersburg by bike (Day 6/14)

On day six of my trip, I planned to visit Saint Petersburg by bike with Olga. My day started at her hostel since the night before I couldn’t go back to my host(Luba). She told me about her plan and I happily accepted, although my outfit was not suitable for riding a bike. Olga was almost 30 years old and I knew her from the wedding and day trip to Petergof.

Me with b-kontur startup logo Tshirt
B-kontur startup 🙂

How we started our day?

We woke up in the morning and as always I made a last-minute plan. We got ready, installed a bike rental app and went out to start our day. Before leaving, Olga had some work to do. She was working in a Russian startup as a project manager and she was connected with her team while traveling. She really liked her job and was so excited when talking about it. I got her startup Tshirt to sleep as I had no clothes with me. She came to Saint Petersburg for Diego’s wedding and wanted to visit the city before going back home. Olga was Russian, but she was living in another city, in that case, we were both tourists in Saint Petersburg.

breakfast table with russian food
Teremok rocks 🙂

In Teremok we trust!

It was time for the most important part of the day; breakfast! I suggested my favorite Russian restaurant, Teremok and we found a branch nearby, there were also two bikes close by. I wanted to have Russian pancakes (Blini) but this time with new ingredients. Well, the menu was in Russian and Olga’s translations couldn’t help me. I was stuck trying to get a new type of Blini. Eating is very important for me and I am sometimes picky. Finally, I find out the cashier speaks English. I told him about the types of Blinis I tried so far and he suggested a new one.

“Trust me, you will enjoy it, if not, I will get back the money”.

The cashier emphasized

Beside the Blini, he suggested a Russian fruit tea. Long story short, I trusted him and do not regret it at all. It was very delicious, both the tea(with some Russian berries) and the Blini(with chicken and vegetables).

Making Russian pancake(Blini)

I took a selfie with our food and that was when our selfie and photoshoot party started. I found out Olga is also into taking pictures. Many people are not like that and get bored after one or two photos a day. After breakfast, we went hunting a bike.

Parastoo as a tour leader

The station near the restaurant had exactly two bikes, we ran so we don’t miss them. When looking for the location of the bikes on the map, I figured Olga is not easy with maps. After that, I started to act like a tour leader for a Russian girl in Russia :). Olga sent me the route map; I found them on the map and lead to the visiting points.

map of a one day tour spots in saint petersburg
Places to visit in one day

The route she sent me had so many spots to visit and we could visit most of them. We visited the famous places: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Hermitage museum building, the Palace square, Monument to Catherine II, and Savior on the Spilled Blood. I have visited these places on the first day of my trip to Saint Petersburg. This time it was with Olga and by bike.

How I broke my Phone

Most of the time we were in a hurry to save some money on bike rent. We were usually riding on the sidewalks. One time, when we were running to get to the station in time, I drove over my phone! I was checking the map on my phone and I lost control and broke my phone. Hopefully, it had protection glass and only the glass broke.

Never check your screen while riding a bike! even if you will get a free ride! 🙂

Story’s moral lesson

How to look photogenic?

Most of the time we were riding on the sidewalks. The streets were crowded and it was not easy to bike there. We were taking lots of pictures and after a while when I checked the photos I found out I am so silly in the photos and in every picture, I look the same and Olga is so photogenic with great figures. She said she used to be a model and that’s why she knows how to look perfect on the camera. Near the Hermitage she said she can teach me some poses for pictures, I tried my best but you can see the result in the following picture. 🙂

me in Saint Petersburg the Palace square
Me trying to act like a model 🙂

Meeting in New Holland Island

We cycled for about five hours and visited the beauty of Petersburg again, we met two of Diego’s friends on the way. It seems like Saint Petersburg is really small 🙂 Diego then texted and said they were going to dinner in New Holland Island with their friends from Siberia whom I met before at the wedding. Olga and I delivered our bikes to one of the stations and headed to the island.

me and Olga with our bikes near visiting Saint Petersburg
Resting near Monument to Catherine II

New Holland Island( Novaya Gollandiya ) is an artificial island between canals and Moyka River. It was green and beautiful. We met Diego’s Siberian friends first and sat on the grass and hang out until the rest of the guys join us. a lovely family with a cute girl. They always had smiles on their faces. They liked mountains and were Diego’s hosts on his trip to Siberia.

All Russian girls are models!

The lady also used to be a model. It seems like all Russian girls are models, or they are beautiful without being a model. Maybe that’s why Diego’s friends were using Tinder all the time and looking for dates and which they could be fortunate like Diego to marry a nice and beautiful Russian girl. 🙂 By the way, the Siberian couple was very friendly and they knew about Iran and they met some Iranian people while traveling.

our selfie in New Holland Island
Hanging out with Russians 🙂

After everyone came, we all went for dinner. There was a nice place for eating, It was like a food court that had different cuisines with nice outside tables. I only ordered a drink because I was a little down at the time. At around eleven o’clock at night, I said I decided to go back to Luba’s home, so I don’t stick again with the bridges going up. Everyone wanted to leave so we walked to the metro and I followed a new friend of Elena, as she was one station away from where I was going.

our selfie around the dinner table
New Holland Island restaurant

Back to Luba’s after two days

She was a nice girl who was a traveler too. She recently returned to Saint Petersburg from her trip and was living with her friend. My phone was dying and I got her number in case I need any help because I had 20 minutes walking to Luba’s home and it was a late night. But everything was fine and hopefully, I remembered the address and did not need the map to find her home. After two days I got back to my host’s home and I wake poor Luba up and went to my comfortable clothes after two days.

a selfie of us in New Holland island
Happy to know these cool people